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Tips For Selling On Etsy - How To Make Money On Etsy (Ethical Manufacturing & Selling)

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Learn our tips for selling on Etsy & the secrets on how to make money with Etsy
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#1 Of our tips for selling on Etsy: Photos are vital, and they significantly increase your sales

Photos are key to whatever selling platform you choose, whether that be Etsy, Amazon, eBay or even your own store.

Amazon have tested this. They have found that uploading the maximum number of photos and ensuring they are high-quality significantly improves conversions. So much so, that they discovered it is the single biggest factor as to whether a listing converts or not.

So, as part of our tips for selling on Etsy, we recommend that you upload 5 high-quality photos (the maximum you can upload for Etsy). In addition, ensure your photos are between 800 to 1000 pixels wide so that users can open the picture and zoom in on it.

When it comes to your thumbnail picture, have the photo of the item on a plain white background to improve your click through rate (ctr). The item should also make up the majority of the space of the photo (at least 85%).

The rest of your photos can be different. For example, it is nice to have a high-quality photo of the item being used in its environment (e.g. if you’re selling a mug it is nice to see a photo of someone drinking out of it).

#2 Of our tips for selling on Etsy: Price your items to make a profit after fees

Don’t forget that there are fees to pay when selling on Etsy. When pricing your items take these into account.

When listing your item on Etsy, remember to take into account these fees to price your item correctly to still make a profit:

* There is a 20 cent listing fee per item.
* There is a 3.5% transaction fee. This applies to the cost of the item, not the shipping.
* If the buyer uses Direct Checkout, you’ll be charged an additional fee based on what country your customers live in. E.g. if your customer is based in the USA you’ll be charged a 3% fee plus a 25 cent fee (which would bring your total fees to 6.5% + 45 cents).
* If your customer uses PayPal, you’ll be charged a fee based upon what country they live in and how much sales volume you do each month. Most people will be charged a 2.9% fee + a 30 cent fee (bringing your total fees to 5.4% + 50 cents).

As part of our tips for selling on Etsy, we do strongly recommend that you aren’t afraid to price your item to make a profit. A lot of people are shy of profiting from their artwork, but they shouldn’t be - they should be proud of their creations and not be afraid to make money on Etsy.

#3 Of our tips for selling on Etsy: You don’t need to sell creative, artistic items.

If you aren’t a crafty person, there are two major ways that you can source and sell items on Etsy.

You can find vintage items in garage sales, thrift shops etc and sell them.
You can produce your own products using manufacturers and sell them on Etsy.

The easiest product to produce with manufacturers and then sell on Etsy to make money is craft supplies. With craft supplies the rules are less strict because Etsy expects them to be manufactured and mass-produced.

All manufacturers need to meet their ethical specifications. On Amazon, the pricing is cutthroat and using ethical manufacturers is usually not a viable option. But because Etsy requires everyone use ethical manufacturers, the average price per item is higher and it makes it fair for everyone.

If you are concerned then with traditional manufacturing, and want to focus on selling online in an ethical way, then we’d suggest you look at selling on Etsy as your main sales platform as you can still use ethical manufacturers while remaining competitive on price.

#4 Of our tips for selling on Etsy: Dropshipping is allowed on Etsy

As of 2013 you are allowed to dropship products on Etsy. This is a good way to assess demand. This is especially useful with on-demand screen printing. These companies with print your designs on-demand onto a t-shirt and then ship it to the customer, handling order fulfilment for you.

This lets you focus on your artwork rather than the order fulfilment. It also lets you see which of your designs are most popular, so that you can shift to creating those shirts yourself in the future and potentially fulfill the orders yourself.

Dropshipping is a win-win and I highly recommend it.

We hope you liked our tips for selling on Etsy and making money on Etsy! If you’re interested in starting your own online dropshipping business, be sure to download our free ebook:

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